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Turn In Your Planbook

This feature is only available to teachers who are using PlanbookEdu as part of a school or districtwide initiative.  

The Turn In feature allows teachers to easily submit a week's worth of plans to their administrators without having to set anything up.  For administrators is very easy to manage, view and comment on the plans even when there are many teachers submitting lessons.

For Teachers: Turn In Your Planbook

When looking at the weekly view you will see a new option in the upper middle.

Clicking the "Turn In" link will turn in that week of your planbook.  This means that week will now be viewable by any of the administrators in your group.

If you have already turned in a week you'll see a message which includes the date you turned it in, along with an option to undo.

For Administrators: View Turned In Planbooks

Group administrators will see an additional option in the navigation bar: "Group". Click on "Group" to bring up a list of all the teachers in the group.

The column "Latest" shows the most recent weeks turned in for that teacher.  Clicking on a particular week will bring you directly to that week.  There is also a "View All" button for each teacher.  This link will show all weeks that have been turned in by individual teachers.

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